Planet Pictures

Planet Pictures was formed in 1987 to create, co-finance, co-produce and distribute TV programming in an expanding, worldwide channel universe. Today, the age of the 500-channel transmission system is upon us and Planet Pictures is supplying these new channels--and the many long-established ones as well--with high quality programming from a catalog that is now passing the 3,000-hour mark and growing more rapidly than ever. Subjects include: science, technology, sport, leisure, lifestyle, fitness, and travel, as well as a large collection of light documentary topics featuring the offbeat and humorous side of life, worldwide. At this moment, Planet Pictures' programming, including more than 25 series with continuing production output, are running in over 80 different countries.

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Why It's Called Planet Pictures

It was 1987 and a new kind of television was dawning. Just two years earlier,the Discovery Channel had