Eddie, a fictional student in real-life East Harlem math teacher Kay Toliver’s fifth grade class, discovers how people use key math concepts and skills in the workplace. "Eddie" is a fictional character, while his teacher and all the other professionals we meet are real people highlighted in their actual professions. The series includes celebrity guests like Jerry Stiller (Seinfeld), Vincent Schiavelli (Ghosts, The People v.s. Farry Flint), Raymond Cruz (Clear & Present Danger, The Rock), Kamela Dawson (The Burning Season), MTV’s Kevin Seal, New York Yankee Slugger Wade Boggs and many more.Endorsed by NAESP, American Association of School Administrators, National Educational Telecommunications Association, NSTA. More than 20 awards, including Peabody Award and Parents' Choice Awards. Available in either English or Spanish. 16 x 30 Minute.

Hosted by renowned teacher Jamie Escalante, FUTURES show young viewers how math is applied in the real worlds of fashion, space exploration, sports, and other high performance careers. Classroom scenes with Jaime Escalante and his students introduce mathematical and scientific principles then videotaped scenes show the principles being applied in NASA laboratories, sports equipment design firms, fashion showrooms, rock concerts, auto race tracks and other mathematically oriented environments. Specialists in high-tech careers explain why math is so important to getting ahead in today’s world. Guest appearances by celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Olivia Newton-John, track star Jackie Joyber-Kersee, Cindy Crawford and many others describe the benefits of knowing and being able to use math. Scenes with Escalante and his students explain how mathematics helps develop clear and organized thinking, crucial to success in any job, and in science help researchers and technicians provide the technological advancements we need. 26 x 12-15 Minutes.

These engaging documentaries take viewers behind the scenes to discover how professionals in business, the arts. Engineering, sports and science use math to do everything from marketing Levis, designing sunglasses and creating music for TV to saving endangered animals, exploring the ocean and planning trips to distant planets. Two Interactions episodes can be combined to form a unique documentary. Individual shows are often used as exciting fillers that come full circle as they enter into a solve compelling arts and engineering problems. Episodes: Water Resources, Endangered Species, Digital Communication, The Fashion Business, Designing a Product, Voyage to Mars, Solar Energy, Recycling, Making Music, Coaching and Athlete, Building Rover, Deep Sea Missions. Awards:Chris Award, Cindy Award, And many more. 12 x 10-15 Minutes.

Get ready for a breath of fresh air! My Hometown is a cheerful, upbeat dramady created for 8-13 year olds. Set in a quaint and sunny pulp-mill community, it centers around a 13 year old boy named Thomas Thompson, his family and his diverse friends. Their stories bring today's issues forward in a realistic, humorous and often poignant way. Topics include: peer pressure, self-esteem, personal heritage, leaving home, sickness and grief, love and infatuation and drinking and driving. Currently broadcast in over 40 countries. Discussion and Activity Guide also available. 39 x 30 min

A pre-school comedy featuring adorable puppets, toe-tapping music and humor the whole family will enjoy. Gemini Winner for Best Writing in a Children's or Youth Program, Chris Bronze at Columbia Int'l Film Festival. U.S. rights Only. 39 x 30 Min.