Lifestyle Format. Construction always begins with detailed blueprints, but rarely do things go according to plan! That's the reality of building projects and the fun and drama of this reality-based home improvement show. We take viewers onto the job site along side General Contractor Brian Gurry who manages real commercial, residential and industrial projects. Unlike conventional improvement shows where everything is staged, "American Builder" follows real world projects from start to end. In addition, "American Builder" also examines other aspects of construction as co-host Sara Edwards reports on architecture, design and decorating. "American Builder" showcases all aspects of construction, from start to finish and everything in-between. There are two-three new half hour episodes produced each week. There is a back catalog of 94 half hour episodes.

Lifestyle Format. Auction Adventure is a collector’s dream come true. Our Host, Michael Elderidge, provides the "everyman" role asking the questions a viewer would ask, and ultimately giving the audience more than just fuel for their fantasies. Michael also reveals the myriad nuances of putting a price on the priceless. We discover how we can personally brush elbows with the elite, attend a world-class auction, place the winning bid and walk out the door with a legendary, one-of-a-kind treasure. Viewers gain the savvy it takes to strategize a shrewd buy "at the block." Why would you ever again buy a cubic zirconia necklace off the rack at jewelry store when you could wear the one that belonged to Marilyn Monroe for about the same price? This is life in collector nirvana--the exciting world we escape to in every episode of AUCTION ADVENTURE. Premiere broadcast - Fine Living Network, USA. Add 13 x 30 min. See Promo Clip

The art of gardening in small spaces. For urban gardeners and people who want to turn a gloomy stairway or lifeless patch of ground into a lush vision of beauty. It's the ultimate guide to container gardening. English, Spanish and Portuguese. 65 x 30 min.

Dr. Susan Block is America's hippest, brightest and sexiest sex therapist, as well as a best-selling author, internationally syndicated radio and TV host, a pro-sex feminist, and "ethical hedonist," and a horny housewife! "Dr. Suzy's show stopped my channel surfing cold! Yow! It's frank, funny thoughtful and delightful," says ENTERTAINMENT Today's media critic. As seen on HBO. 13 x 60 min.

Lifestyle Format. Tour Washington, D.C.’s famous Embassy Row and get an insiders look at these remarkable embassies and the fabulous residences of ambassadors. Meet the embassy’s chef as they prepare a menu fit for a state dinner. 15 x 30 Min.

We discover the mind-body-spirit connection in the expanding filed of alternative and complementary healing in this magazine format. No on-camera host. Series Two features regular contributions from renown physician, healer and best selling author, Dr. Deepak Chopra. 26 x 30 Min. Add 40 x 30 min. See Recent Episode

Yoga is a tool to enhance your health, strengthen your body, create greater mental clarity and deepen self awareness. This series teaches you the basics. 6 x 90 min.

Magazine / Studio Format. This weekly series is hosted by Dr. Winnie King, a Medical journalist and practicing physician, and airs on PBS. It brings parents and caregivers together with medical professionals to highlight real issues and provide useful information to adults and children alike. Winner - Two Emmy's, The Telly Award & Parent’s Choice Award. 78 x 30 Min.

Lifestyle Format. This series offers differing cooking styles and culinary techniques with the same result - recipes for mouth-watering dishes that viewers can make in the comfort of their own home. Let's Cook's resident chef Paul Dillon uses his teaching skills to easily guide viewers through delicious recipes. Three-four new half-hour episodes each week. We have a back catalog of over 200 episodes also available.

Magazine / Studio Format. Today making the most of your money is harder than ever. How do you get started? Who can you trust? This show is designed to give easy to understand solutions for real people, not CEO's. show is geared towards solving everyday money challenges faced by everyday people - not Wall Street insiders Each month, Money Matters will profile different "dream" careers to find out what each involves and what it takes to get the job. Four new episodes each week, one of which will be "ever green" and have a long shelf life. Back catalog of over 500 episodes.

From the creators of Spa Finder Magazine, we showcase healthful living, exotic travel, and challenging adventures. Filmed on location at spas around the world, this series engages viewers with a combination of sumptuous environments and cutting-edge information on fitness, health, beauty, longevity, nutrition, and the mind-body connection. Includes a regular segment from chefs at each spa sharing healthy, delicious, quick gourmet recipes. 27 x 30 Min.

Great meals in a half-hour! Forget fussy recipes and fancy kitchen gadgets. The ingredients are simple, the methods easy, the food-fantastic and it's all ready to serve quicker and cheaper than ordering out. This is the most popular "how to" show on the CBC in Canada, garnering an "10" rating! English and Spanish Language. 650 x 30 min.

A powerful approach to total mind and body fitness, we draw on the ancient traditions of yoga combined with modern fitness science. Get fundamental tools of how to perform yoga so it can fit into your lifestyle, any time anywhere. 4 x 60 min.