A & P (18 Minutes)
A & P is an adaptation of John Updike's classic 1961 award-winning short story of the same name. In A & P, Sammy, a nineteen year old supermarket clerk, defends the honor of three girls in swimming suits against a repressive store manager. In so doing he etches out an early definition of manhood for himself and learns the cost of standing up for one's beliefs in a conforming society. When Queenie and her friends, dressed only in bathing suits, enter Lengel's A&P to buy herring snacks, the life of Sammy the cashier is changed forever. Starring: Sean Hayes as Sammy ("Will & Grace") and Amy Smart as Queenie ("Butterfly Effect"). In an afterward, John Updike is interviewed by Donald M. Murray, columnist for the Boston Globe and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer. (12 Minutes). Festivals (partial list) WorldFest Charleston, Bronze Award Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival, National Media Network Columbus International Film Festival, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival A.F.I. International Film Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival. Filmmaker - Bruce Schwartz

(Action Adventure / Sci-Fiction) A cyborg is programmed to destroy Washington D.C. and FBI agents scramble to stop it. 35mm. 88 min.

CATHEDRAL (35 Minutes)
Robert, a blind man and now a widower, has come to visit his friend and her husband. Prompted by a television show, the apprehensive husband asks Robert if he really knows what a cathedral is: his answer is a lesson in how to truly see. This dramatization of Raymond Carver's classic short story "Cathedral" presents a minimalist exploration of loneliness, vision, and personal spirituality. Starring James Eckhouse as Ed ("A Cinderella Story," "The Sure Hand of God," "Beverly Hills 90210") and Mark Rolston as the blind man ("Scorcher," "Robo Cop 2," "Profiler"). Afterword: An interview follows with Carver's widow, Tess Gallagher, whose poem "The Hands of the Blindman" is excerpted in the production. (20 Minutes). Filmmaker - Bruce Schwartz

(Sci-Fi / Horror) 3 desperate men are shown their horrifying fate during a card game with the unearthly Dark Dealer. 35mm. 85 min.

EVERYDAY USE (25 Minutes)
Alice Walker's modern classic "Everyday Use" tells the story of a mother and her two daughters' conflicting ideas about their identities and ancestry. The mother narrates the story of the day one daughter, Dee, visits from college and clashes with the other daughter, Maggie, over the possession of some heirloom quilts. Dee returns to her rural Georgia roots but is unable to sustain a connection with her sharecropper family - mother and sister - because she has a misguided notion that Africa is her real heritage. Starring: Baadja-Lyne Odums ("Flatliners," "Cold Case), Rachel Luttrel ("Forever Knight" "Stargate"), Gary Poux ("The Practice," "Strong Medicine). Afterword: What were Alice Walker’s motivations in writing "Everyday Use"? In this program, the author discusses her short story with her official biographer, Evelyn C. White. Over the course of the interview, Walker talks about the autobiographical aspects of the story, the significance of quilting to African-American women, the perception of class differences, and the important life lessons she wished to explore. (22 minutes). Awards / Festivals: 2005 Telly Award, Entertainment Category, 2005 "Best Film" – Damah Film Festival, Los Angeles , 2005 Hollywood Film Festival, 2005, Harlem Film Festival, 2005 Fort Lauderdale Film Festival. Filmmaker - Bruce Schwartz.

IN MACARTHUR PARK (83 Minutes – B/W)
This film is a moving portrayal of a Mojave Indian displaced in the skid row section of downtown Los Angeles who is sought in a murder investigation. Starring Adam Silver and James Espinoza; Music by Rocky Davis; Cinematography by John Sharaf;Edited by Jerry Kutner. Filmmaker - Bruce Schwartz. Awards: International Critics Prize - San Sebastian Film Festival. Reviews: "Producer, director, writer Schwartz elicits amazing performances from his cast." Joel Hoelscher, Hollywood Reporter; "An impressive example of taut, resourceful, low-budget film-making... with a sure sense of the cinematic, Schwartz captures Silver's guilt and desperation." Kevin Thomas, L.A. Times; "...a finely acted, rare achievement for a first feature..." --Linda Gross, L.A. Times; "A sharply etched tale of paranoia and guilt, sustained brilliantly by the director and his ensemble cast..." --Ruth Bachelor, L.A. Free Press; "A feast for lovers of black and white..." --Charles Brodin, Berkeley Gazette; "...a well acted, finely crafted film. MacArthur Park is what good film-making is all about..."--Ben Trevors, San Francisco Chronicle. Released in DVD 2005. LA Weekly's DVD Release Pick of the Week, Dec 29, 2005 - Jan 6, 2006 Issue.

Tillie Olsen's story "I Stand Here Ironing" recounts a poor working woman's ambivalence about her parenting skills and her eldest daughter's future. Central to the plot is the metaphor of a mother ironing her daughter's dress as she mentally attempts to ''iron'' out her uneasy relationship with her daughter through a stream-of-consciousness monologue. ''I Stand Here Ironing,'' an unromantic portrait of motherhood, is perhaps the most frequently anthologized of Olsen's stories. Starring Sandy Johnson as the Older Anna ("A Dream Play"), Chrysee Whitehead as the Younger Anna ("Save The Last Dance," "Boston Public"), Solene LeVan as Annie and Young Emily, Denise Lorriane as Older Emily ("Ghost In The Garden") and Jeffrey Hutchinson as Bill ("ER," "The Bernie Mac Show," "Charmed."). Afterword featuring filmmaker Bruce Scwartz interviewing Tillie Olsen. (17 minutes). Filmmaker - Bruce Schwartz. - HDTV.

JUST FRIENDS aka Stockard Channing Show
CBS sitcom stars Channing as a divorcee who moves to LA to create a new life. Ratings winner with a "38" share. The Hollywood Reporter said "TV is lucky to have the likes of Channing ...and even luckier to have her headlining this sophisticated comedy!" while the LA Times said "it may be the best female-centered comedy CBS has brought us since 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show.'" English and Spanish. 26 x 30 min.

(Comedy / Sci-Fi) A military device runs amok turning tough soldiers into lustful female soldiers who morph into sex-crazed alligators. 35mm. 101 min

SALVATION (30 Minutes)
"I was saved from sin when I was going on 13. But not really saved. It happened like this. . " So begins this powerful dramatization of "Salvation," Langston Hughes' eloquent autobiographical story which illustrates how his aunt's well-meaning efforts to bring him into the spiritual fold resulted in a moral crisis. Calmly waiting for Jesus to appear in the hot, crowded church, young Langston anticipation changes to confusion and disillusion when pressured to choose between being true to himself or fulfilling the expectations of the preacher, his aunt, and the rest of the congregation. Starring: Gary Leroi Gray (Showtime's "The Tiger Woods Story") Ella Joyce (TV's "Roc") Lou Beatty Jr (PBS's "American Family") and Haskell Vaughn Anderson III ("Law and Order"). Afterward: Following the dramatization, there's an interview with Alice Walker (novelist, The Color Purple) and Arnold Rampersad (Langston Hughes's official biographer) to shed light on Hughes's life and times (25 minutes). Recipient of many awards including Best Cinematographer Award from the International Cinematographer Guild, and shown in the Cannes Film Festival on behalf of the Guild. This film has had a theatrical release. Filmmaker - Bruce Schwartz.

(Action Adventure / Sci-Fi) A billionaire recruits a team of adventurers for time travel. 35mm. 90 min

A WORN PATH (20 Minutes)
On a "bright, frozen day" in Mississippi, 95-year-old Phoenix Jackson makes her mythic journey into town for the medicine her grandson needs. Touching upon themes of family, love, aging, and poverty, this dramatization of Eudora Welty's classic story "A Worn Path" provides both a heroic image of the human spirit enduring against tremendous odds and a poignant commentary on the African-American experience. Starring Cora Lee Day as Phoenix Jackson ( "Daughters of the Dust," "What's Love Got To Do With It"), Brad Dourif as the hunter ("Cuckoo's Nest") and Conchata Ferrel as the Nurse ("Heaven & Earth," "Heart's Afire"). Afterward: Author Eudora Welt is interviewed by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Beth Henley. (10 Minutes). Reviews: "The photography is superb; a visual feast. Very highly recommended." - Video Rating Guide; "Wonderful for both readers new to Welty and for devoted fans." --Booklist; Recommended by School Library Journal. Festivals / Awards (partial list) Fort Lauderdale Film Festival WorldFest Houston (Silver Award), WorldFest Charleston (Silver Award) National Media Network (Silver Award), Columbus Film Festival (Bronze Award) L.A. Independent Film Festival (Gold)